About the Artist

I’m a Canadian artist from Toronto currently working and living in Montreal. I create oil paintings with a realism style inspired by real-life people and events. Currently I am working on a project called Art for Thought which is art with a social purpose. In addition to creating art, I am also a scientist working on my PhD in Neuroscience (scholarly contributions can be found here). I know first-hand that the worlds of art and science are not as mutually exclusive as some may believe. Both try to capture reality while attempting to manipulate and enhance it, both require analysis and skill, and most importantly both try to make the world a better place. My interests and passions are diverse but ultimately my goal in life is to inspire in myself and in others critical thought and positive action; whether it be through art, science or both!

Art for Thought Project 

Art for Thought is a form of artistic activism that attempts to evoke curiosity, empathy and awareness about the modern human landscape and directly supports organizations making a difference in the world today. It’s art about a cause, for a cause. The main initiatives that Art for Thought would like to engage with are broadly related to human rights, social justice and scientific endeavors. Art for Thought thus seeks collaborations with organizations working on such initiatives in order to fundraise, promote and inspire through art.