Scientific Peer-Reviewed Papers

Greenberg, A., Karimi Abadchi, J., Dickson, C. T. & Mohajerani, H. M. (2018) New waves: Rhythmic electrical field stimulation systematically alters spontaneous slow dynamics across mouse neocortex. NeuroImage, 174(1), 328-339.

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Greenberg, A. (2016). Electrical manipulation of cortical and hippocampal dynamics during slow-wave states.

Legal Papers

Greenberg, A. (2020). Protecting Virtual Things: Patentability of Artificial Intelligence Technology for the Internet of Things, IDEA: The Law Review of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, 60, 2.

Greenberg, A. (2019). Inside the Mind’s Eye: An International Perspective on Data Privacy Law in the Age of Brain-Machine Interfaces, Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology, 29, 1. Also available at: Social Science Research Network.

Policy Working Papers

Greenberg, A. Is Talk Cheap? Empirical Approaches to Assessing the Impact of Human Rights Advocacy Organizations, Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism Working Paper Series

Op-ed Articles

Mind Protection: Data Privacy Legislation in the Age of Brain-Machine Interfaces, McGill Journal of Law and Health

Walking the Walk: How the Scientific Community is Embracing Open Data, NatureJobs

Remapping the Scientific Landscape: Moving from a Closed to Open Science World, NatureJobs

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Are the Legal Algorithms Ready for the Future? McGill Journal of Law and Health

From Lab to Court: Neuroscientific Evidence and Legal Decisions in Disorders of Consciousness and Beyond, McGill Journal of Law and Health